Well, here we go again.

This isn’t my first time blogging. This is actually my third blog. I closed the other two down because I didn’t think anyone was reading them. But recently, as I’m getting ready to wrap up the grad school chapter of my life, everyone has been blogging and commenting on blogs and talking about each other’s blogs. Brian gets evacuated from his apartment and I find out on his blog. Jessica puts this whole photo story of our relationship on her blog and nearly makes me cry. Luke starts talking about vacuuming up cat hair and I’m suddenly interested in it all.

So here is my blog. I’m going to try and keep it focused on writing, teaching, and other worldly travels. Tune in to find out: how my memoir is progressing, what teaching aboard a Navy boat is like (if I’m able to blog about that), and how incredibly odd and wonderful China is. And if you like what you read let me know. I love comments. It’s like getting mail. Not the junk mail but the good stuff – the “just because” notes and letters.

Yes, I like those.