• Places my ship may be headed: Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines.
  • Ships typically dock for 2-4 days.
  • I may be the only young teacher in this program. The two instructors I met today were retired and over 50.
  • Navy ships are like cites. Big ships operate like a city, where people can loss themselves among so many people (like PBS’s Carrier). Small ships are like small towns; everyone knows everyone else. I’ll be on a little ship – about 200 people.
  • Some Navy ships are cashless, but people don’t use credit or debit cards. They must put money onto a card and use that for everything. Kind of like MavCash.
  • Not only will I act as teacher but I’ll also have to sell my own books. I’ll be responsible for selling the books, collecting money, and sending back unused books.
  • I will be the only civilian teacher aboard C-Ville (which is what they call the USS Chancellorsville).