Since, curious readers have written in with a number of questions, I will now answer a few of them:

What does the ship smell like? Motor oil, sweaty balls and fish is my guess. – Bryan, Wisconsin

Well, surprisingly, the sea doesn’t really smell anything like fish. I think the fish smell comes from the docks, where they cut and gut fish. But, there is a lot of motor oil and sweaty ball smell drifting around the ship. Remember, I’m living in tight quarters with hundreds of other men. I think Jessica’s clothes had more room in her closets in Mankato than I do now. So yes, the smell of sweaty balls is pretty strong … unless we’ve pulled into port and all the sailors have dowsed themselves in cologne (so they can smell good for the hookers).

Does anyone swab anything anymore? – Bryan, Wisconsin

It depends on your definition of swab. Every floor is called a deck and there is a lot of mopping (aka swabbing) going on. I did see someone sweeping water off the weatherdeck today.

Speaking of weird Navy things, what is a weatherdeck? – Bronson, Guam

Weatherdecks are any deck exposed to the weather. Duh!

Have you seen any sea creaters – dolphins, giant octupi? – Bryan, Wisconsin

No. But a couple nights ago I had a dream where I saw a manatee jumping around the sea. I thought it was a dolphin but I was assured (by myself, I guess) that it was a manatee.

You mentioned seeing the season finale of Lost, so – do they have the L-Word? – Ashley, Fargo

No. They do not have the L-Word. But, the sailors were watching a movie called Teeth, featuring a woman who has teeth in her va-jay-jay.

Is the food better than in Iraq? If not, I’d suggest gathering the sailors and starting a mutiny. – Ashley, Fargo

The food is better than the MREs – which we had for the summer we were in Baghdad – but not as good as the food they shipped into the chow halls in Iraq, near the end of the tour.

How was Hong Kong? – Ashley, Fargo

Lots of SARs and hookers. I stayed away because, as Bryan noted on Jessica’s blog, “they both eat your face off.” (I’ll post more on Hong Kong shortly!)

That is all. Keep your emails and questions coming (or just post comments with questions). I’ll try and answer then next week when we’re in Korea.