I am in Yokosuka, Japan, sitting at a food court on base, coughing because I think I’ve contracted a cold from one of the sailors. Luckily, Bryan Johnson isn’t here to walk me around a lake or something and get me even sicker (Ah, good times!)

My class is winding down. We are working on the final paper, the argument, which is worth 25% of their final grades. The paper is due by noon on Saturday and I’ll be spending my weekend grading papers and determining final grades. I’ll be flying out of Japan for North Dakota on Monday.

I’m actually kind of torn about leaving. On one hand, I’ve had a great time onboard. The sailors are great, and I’ve established a rapport with them that’s better than the rapport I’ve had with any other class (Although, my 242 class comes close). I actually felt bad when I told them that I wasn’t going to be teaching the second class. They said, Well that sucks. Just when we’re getting used to you, you leave. Plus, I’m in Japan and I’ve always wanted to visit this country.

On the other hand, it’s been hard work and I’m ready to go home. Teaching onboard a naval ship is a lot more difficult than I imagined it would be. I’ve liked doing it and I learned a lot, but I’m ready for the next challenge – China. I keep telling myself that I’ll be coming back over to this part of the globe, so if I don’t get to explore Japan, I can do it next year when I’m living over here.

So, I’ll be state-side in a few days. I’ll be spending a week (and my birthday) with my family, but then I was thinking of coming to Fargo and then Mankato for a few days. I’ll keep everyone posted.