Last Sunday, I embarked on a weeklong road trip across North Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. I drove straight through N.D. and Minnesota and arrived in Madison, Wis. around midnight, where Bryan and Emily welcomed me with a bottle of Spotted Cow.

Here’s some pics from the trip:

This is the Big Looming Jesus statue near Bryan and Emily’s apartment complex. The statue inspired a “Big Scary Jesus” song, complete with hand-claps and car-seat dancing.

The cheese head makes it official folks: he’s a Wisconsinite!

After feeding the ducks and bastard-cheese-stealing pigieons near campus, we posed for a pic.

Bryan and Emily know me well. They know I love bars named after mythical creatures, so they took me to the Madison suburb Mt. Horeb, the troll capital of the world. Here I’m outside The Grumpy Troll. That damn open flag kind of screwed up the pic, but we didn’t let that stop visiting the brewery and restaurant.

Ummmm, beer. We tried all of the bar’s brews. My favorite was the Erik the Red (on the far left here). I bought a growler of the Red, which we downed over pizza the following evening.

After The Grumpy Troll, we wandered down Mt. Horeb’s Main Street. The shops (including an independant book store and a mustard museum) were closed, but there were trolls everywhere.

This troll was my favorite. He was holding a camera and an ice cream cone. I stole a lick.

I liked this guy’s squeeze-box.

Doesn’t this look like a senior picture? I think I’ll print this one and give it to my mother.

I even found a few gnomes in Mt. Horeb, including this buddy, who was being put to work as a gardener.

Overall, I had a great time in Wisconsin. I’m definately returning next summer and I’m headed back to Mt. Horeb. There are more trolls to see.