No Easter bunny for me. No dying hard-boiled eggs or picking through green plastic grass for the Hershey’s chocolate eggs at the bottom of an empty half-gallon pail of ice-cream that is doubling as an easter basket. Nope. None of that. Here’s what I’m doing for Easter, and I suggest you all do the same:

1. Start your day by catching up on your podcasts. My podcasts aren’t working in China. I like to get the weekly podcasts for This American Life and Radio Lab, but in China, it’s really hit or miss. Some weeks they come through. Other weeks they don’t and I have to go to the websites and listen to them there.

Anyway, while I was doing laundry and cleaning my apartment this morning, I listened to the This American Life episode from the week before, titled “Remember Me.” The episode is about how we remember people and it features a story about a ghost who haunts a hotel in Wisconsin (as well as a few interviews from the StoryCorp people!). But what I was really impressed with was the third act – “Giving up the Ghosts” by Shalom Auslander. This is a must-hear episode and, if you can get your hands on it, his short story collection sounds like a good read.

2. Next, visit the Washington Post so you can take a look at the third annual Peep Diorama Contest. Then ask me about “peeping.”

3. Finally, zip on over to the New York Times so you can read the latest Modern Love column, a Sunday ritual for me. These columns are the perfect fit for a lazy Sunday afternoon (at least for me in China!).

Happy Easter!